Pay With Credit Card

How to buy cryptocurrency with Paybis

PayBis is a secure way to buy bitcoin directly without having a crypto wallet. The idea is to buy them directly to the address provided at checkout so you guys don’t need to deal with crypto.

They only allow orders up to 300 euro for unverified users. But much more for verified users, that is why I highly recommend you to verify the account. Its a secure platform used worldwide.

Step By Step Guide

1. When placing an order on our store please select one of available crypto currencies. Then payment instructions will appear:

PLEASE DO NOT CLOSE IT. Open a new window.

2. To use Paybis go to or download their application on mobile from Paybis Download page.

3. If you use mobile application, after opening it select necessary crypto currency that you want to buy.

4. After that or if you use desktop version on website you have to select method with which you would like to pay for crypto currency, enter required amount of crypto currency (taken from step #1, in this case it was 0.001347) and select crypto currency that you would like to receive. After select Buy Bitcoin.

5. Enter your email and verify it with a code.

6. On next screen enter wallet address (take from step #1, starts with bc1…)


7. Add a new Credit/Debit card for this purchase and press on Pay.


You can use this video. But when putting the destiantion address and amount, use the ones shown in the checkout page.